Sustainable Science Communication Conference

The Conference emphasizes two complementary issues: "sustainable science" and sustainable "science communication." Session 1: Jennifer Ouellette, Richard Hutton; Session 2: Ken Weiss, Matthew Nisbet, Sonia Fernandez; Session 3: Bruce Caron, Martha Russell, Lucy Atkinson; Session 4: P. Sol Hart, Andrew Nelson. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4907-A, -B, -C, & -D or each DVD may be ordered separately.

The Rupe Conference:
Risk & Uncertainty & the Communication of Sea Level Rise

Ben Powless presents Session 1 of this all-day conference. Session 2 features Roberta Cordero, Mike Williams, Kalei Nu'uhiwa, & Georgiana Valoyce-Sanchez. Session 3 features David Titley & Kathryun Yusoff. Session 4 concludes with Paula Apsell & Dan Kahan. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4799-A, -B, -C, & -D or each DVD may be ordered separately. [Web Archive]

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Figuring Sea Level Rise:Interactive Visioning—Sessions 1 & 2

In Session 1, Doug Marcy, Coastal Hazards Specialist, talks about Visualizing Sea Level Rise & Coastal Flooding Impacts. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4798-A

In Session 2, Bruce Caron, James Frew, Marko Peljhan & Jeremy Weiss participate in a Panel Presentation & Discussion with the Audience via a non-hierarchal, interactive mode of collaboration. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4798-B

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Figuring Sea Level Rise

Gary Griggs, Marc Fisher, and Edward Keller extend the conversations among scholars, students, policy-makers, activists, and broader publics about the projected effects of sea level rise on human and natural systems. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4793

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