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~ 2007 ~

An Evening with Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk is "the great and almost irresistibly beguiling Turkish novelist,” according to the New York Times Book Review. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4442

Global Health Equity:
The Partners in Health Experience from Haiti to Rwanda

Paul Farmer is a founding director of Partners In Health, an international charity organization that provides direct health care services. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4435

Shoah Literature:
The Universal Aspect

Geoffrey Hartman is Co-founder and Project Director of the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies. This lecture commemorates the work of Dr. George J. Wittenstein, member of two resistance groups against Hitler’s dictatorship.. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4434

The Hypersexuality of Race:
Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene.

Celine Parreñas-Shimizu analyzes the production of sexuality for Asian women in western modern moving-image visual cultures, such as early cinema, stag films, and so forth. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4433

Luis Leal:
100th Birthday of a UCSB Professor

Luis Leal, a pioneering professor of Chicana and Chicano studies respectfully known as “Don Luis,” is celebrated on his 100th birthday with a two-day conference. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4432

The Lessons of New York

Pete Hamill has crafted a beautiful novel, rich in New York City detail and ambiance, that showcases the power of human goodness and how love can prevail in an unfair world. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4431

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:
A Photographer's Chronicle of the Iraq War

Ashley Gilbertson: Award-winning photographer's extraordinary images of life in occupied Iraq and of American troops in action. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4456

Environmental Memory & Planetary Survival

Lawrence Buell analyzes the intersections of global and environmental studies. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4443

Youth in Peril:
From Child Soldier to Street Gang

Kimmie Weeks leads Youth Action International, a nonprofit dedicated to rebuilding communities in war-torn Africa. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4454

Intimate Labors:
An Interdisciplinary Conference on Domestic, Care, & Sex Work

Intimate Labors provides a Keynote Address [DVD4430-A], Panel 1: The Political Economy of Intimate Labor [B], Panel 2: Examining Globalization "From Below," [C], Panel 3: Work Process & the Cultures of Intimacy [D], and Panel 4: The Politics of Space & Labor Organizing [E]. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4430A-E

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 24th Annual Evening for Peace:
Voices for Peace: Honoring Peter, Paul & Mary

Folk Music Giants, Peter, Paul & Mary honored for the trio’s courage, persistence and dedication in lending their powerful voices to the cause of peace.. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4428

10th International Symposium:
on Antarctic Earth Science

Paul Fitzgerald, and others, address isues in tectonics, Antarctic biotas, ice sheets, and subglacial lakes. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4428

Interrogating African Modernity:
Art, Cultural Politics, & Global Identities • Panel 1

Francis Ugiomoh, University of Port Harcourt, speaking on Constructing History & the Historical Imagination: The Thing, Time & Space in African Art. Plus two additional speakers. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4426-A

Interrogating African Modernity:
Art, Cultural Politics, & Global Identities • Panel 2

Jennifer Bajorek, University of California Berkeley, speaking on Negatives of Independence: (Dis)locating Freedom in the Photographic Portrait. Plus two additional speakers. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4426-B

Interrogating African Modernity:
Art, Cultural Politics, & Global Identities • Panel 3

Moyo Okediji, Denver Art Museum/University of Colorado, Denver, speaking on Semioptics: Al Jabara of African Modernity. Plus two additional speakers. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4426-C

Interrogating African Modernity:
Art, Cultural Politics, & Global Identities • Panel 4

Julie McGee, Smithsonian Institution, speaking on Indigenous Relations: Art & Modernity in South Africa. Plus two additional speakers. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4426-D

Interrogating African Modernity:
Art, Cultural Politics, & Global Identities • Panel 5

John Peffer, Case Western Reserve University, speaking on Grey Areas: The History of Black Modernism in South Africa. Plus three additional speakers. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4426-E

Two Plenary Sessions

Bob Maughon & Karen Smith-Pilkington: Maughon addresses Redefining Feedstocks for the Chemical Industry: Opportunities & Challenges for Catalysis. Smith-Pilkington addresses Global Opportunities, Challenges & Agility for Technologists. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4387-A

Two Plenary Sessions

Steve Golden & Marcos Gomez: Golden addresses Materials Science in the World of Catalysis: Technology to Business. Gomez addresses Innovation at the Chemnical Company: Challenges & New Pewrspectives. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4387-B

Torture & the Future • Conference May 2007 • Session One

Barbara Harlow & Colin Dayan speak, respectively, on Tortured Thoughts: The Example Set by Ruth First from her Interrogation in 1963 to her Assassination in 1982 and Due Process and Lethal Confinement. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4425-A

Torture & the Future • Conference May 2007 • Session Two

Darius Rejali & Lisa Hajjar speak, respectively, on Torture, Democracy and Our Future and Lawyering for Humanity: Fighting Torture as the Cause of the Era. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4425-A

Torture & the Future • Conference May 2007 • Session Three

George Hunsinger speaks on Torture Is the Ticking Time-Bomb: Why the Necessity Defense Fails. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4425-A

An Idiot's Guide to Option Pricing

Dr. Bruno Dupire offers a unique opportunity to learn about options from one of the most influential practitioners in the financial market. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4424

Immigrant Access to Higher Education: AB 540 & the Dream Act

Panel Discussion addresses issues of the California Legislation for immigrant access to colleges and universities. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4423

Access UCSB: Opportunities for Growth through Partnership

Panel Discussion features key faculty and program leaders who share tips on how to take advantage of the resources avaialble through UC Santa Barbara. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4421

Historical Memories & Resurgence of Nationalism in East Asia:
Paths to Reconciliation

Panel Discussion features scholars from the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea, and Norway, regarding reconciliation between Japan and its neighbors. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4420

The Future of Multi-Media Digital News & Cultural Networks

Forrest Sawyer talks about the emerging digital world and the information revolution, based on 25 years of anchoring and reporting experience. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4416

Dark Energy & the Runaway Universe

Alex Filippenko discusses some of the mysteries of the universe, like "dark energy." ~ Order Catalog No.: 4414

Guantanamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom

Docudrama based on the personal stories of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4413

Teaching Human Rights: Torture & America's Future

Speakers & Panel discuss thinking, teaching and writing on the issue of torture and human rights. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4412

Torture & the Law: Holding Officials Accountable

Panel discusses the effects of torture conducted by democratic countries on the concept and practice of democracy. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4411

Palestine & Israel: A Search for Common Ground

Afif Safieh, head of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s mission to the United States, explores Israeli-Palestinian issues with a distinguished panel. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4408

Religion in American Politics: Too Much or Too Little?

Rabbi Michael Lerner & Michael Novak debate pluralism and issues of American and Israeli politics. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4407

Al-Jazeera & the New Arab Media

Dave Marash, Washington, D.C. news anchor of Al Jazeera International, discusses the launch of Al Jazeera's English news channel. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4401

Building Legitimacy When Security Is Not Enough

Barbara Bodine served as Ambassador to Yemen from 1997 through August 2001, a period of both democratization and increased security issues. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4390

Shuji Nakamura & the Gift of Light to the Developing World

Dave Irvine-Halliday presents the latest technology in efficient light sources for poor countries. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4358

Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Implications for Basic Cancer Research

James Thomson, medical science pioneer, has been called the father of stem cell research. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4402

Oppenheimer's Shadow—His Nuclear World & Ours

Martin J. Sherwin, author, raises questions about the debate over national security issues in the 1950s that resonate today. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4388

Crisis in Darfur

Rabbi Lee Bycel, keynote speaker, was former Senior Advisor for Global Strategy, International Medical Corps., and talks about genocide in Darfur. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4397

A Global Exchange

Jerry Putnam declares that U.S. equities exchanges are establishing a global footprint through mergers, partnerships and other alliances with international exchanges. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4396

How Much Can DNA Really Tell Us About Race?

Troy Duster discusses how our understanding of race is being reshaped by the genomics revolution. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4395

Guantanamo Bay

James Yee, while ministering to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, advised the commanders of the camp on detainee religious practices. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4394

Media & the Next Election

Jeff Greenfield discusses lessons from past elections about the media’s role in presidential contests, and what to expect in 2008. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4393

Perspectives on Today's Mexico

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano analyzes the first proposals of the new administration and examines the key issues in a bilateral Mexico-U.S. agenda. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4383

Rights & Needs: Neo-Liberalism, Democracy, and Military Humanism

Tariq Ali is an Oxford educated activist who has been at the forefront of anti-war movements from Vietnam to Iraq. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4381

Is Christianity a Western Religion? A View from Asian Catholicism

Peter C. Phan presents an alternative vision of Christianity as a global — “catholic” — religion and examines several historical movements in support of “World Christianity.” ~ Order Catalog No.: 4380

Inside Terror: Confessions of a PLO Terrorist

Walid Shoebat was a Palestinian terrorist who grew up wishing to kill Jews and to die as a martyr. He describes his incredible journey out of the mindset of jihad. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4379

Teaching Human Rights

Panel Discussion continues the Critical Issues in America Series: "Torture & the Future" with Perspectives from the Humanities. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4378

Torture in the Arts

Panel Discussion looks at the effects of torture conducted by democratic countries and considers the way the arts have made this issue visible. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4377

Globalization: Values, Responbility, & Global Justice

Jakob von Uexkull has dedicated his life to protecting the planet. This was the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's 6th Annual Frank K. Kelly Lecture on Humanity’s Future. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4376

A Short History of Psychological Torture

Alfred McCoy's book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, originally sparked controversy when the CIA tried to block its publication. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4372

Power & Performance: The War on Terror between Sacred & Profane

Jeffrey C. Alexander is Lillian Chavenson Saden Professor of Sociology at Yale University and has written on cultural trauma and social life. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4371

The Arc of Crisis After Iraq: Confusion & Turmoil
from the Mediterranean to the Subcontinent

Prince Moulay Hicham, a member of the Royal Family of Morocco, is an influential spokesman for democratization and human rights. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4370

Into the Light of Day: Torture, Human Rights, & the War on Terror

Mark Danner is the author of the book, Torture and Truth, and talks about the "State of Emergency" regarding terrorism. ~ Order Catalog No.: 4368



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