An Interview with the Taco Shop Poets

Adrian Arancibia ~ Paul Phruksukarn ~ Miguel-Angel Soria

The Taco Shop Poets, originally from the San Diego area, constitute a group of guerrilla-type poets who began literally in the streets, near taco shops, where they realized that poetry could be shared openly as a form of immediate, on the spot, community communication. They have created their own brand of poetry which varies from the highly contemplative to the political, and from the experimental to the in-your-face punk style of force-feeding poetic messages.

Their main intent is to revive poetry as an open, public medium as they try to provoke their unpredictable audience toward the inviting realms of poetry.

Program recording date and length: 5-15-03 ~ 58 Minutes 30 Seconds

Order Catalog No.: 3815